Juletta Mkrtchyan was born on July 12th, 1991 in Yerevan. 

Went to #172 school in Oshakan.

From 2008-2012 studied and graduated from State Linguistic University after V. Brusov gaining bachelor’s degree.

From 2015-2017 studied and graduated from Public Administration Academy of the RA, gaining master’s degree.

In 2016 went to Armenian Center of PR Development studying PR and Marketing.

In 2017 studied and graduated from School of Public Diplomacy.

In 2017 studied and graduated from A. Margaryan Political School.

From 2017 to present works in Shant TV as a PR manager.

From May 2018 cooperates as a PR manager with  Asociacion HAY NGO based in Spain.

In 2018 founded PRomote Company, which offers PR services to famous people, organizes various concerts and events.