Yerevan State Musical Comedy Theater after H.  Paronyan

Paronyan Musical Comedy Theatre was opened on December  23rd, 1941 with Valentinov's "Fire priestess" operetta. The official opening was later on June 22, 1942 with R. Nelson's "The king is having fun" operetta.

Shara Talyan, Aram Ter-Hovhannisyan, Aghasi Ayvazyan, Tadevos Saryan and Haik Danzas played huge roles in further development of the theater. The theater bloomed in 1940s under the leadership of V. Achemyan.

From 1950-1960 the theater repertoire was enriched with the plays of Armenian, Russian and foreign writers.

Starting from 1962 the theater has been named after one of the most famous Armenian comedy-writer Hakob Paronyan.


"By the Law of our City"

"By the Law of our City" is based on Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure” play. The play was considered "full of problems" during the 20th century. The director of the play Karo Balyan kept that line. Satire and self criticism outnumber the comedian tricks, since all thoughts and behavior found in the play are still up-to-date.

Few actors try to include the characters of the missing heroes in their roles as well. The characters are hard to split into positive and negative ones, since everything can change the next instance depending on stage solutions.