Lit Moon Theatre Company

Founded in 1991, Lit Moon Theatre Company is a Santa Barbara, California based collective of theatre artists.  The company is an independent, laboratory theatre company that integrates aesthetic experimentation with cross-cultural interaction and understanding.  Its mission is to offer theatrical experiences that broaden and deepen an understanding of world theatre and cultural traditions, and promote and inspire inter-cultural understanding through live theatre performance.


“Julius Caesar”

Shakespeare wrote Julius Caesar in 1599 – a watershed year for him as playwright, and member of the theater he held shares in and wrote for, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men.  That year, the company opened the first Globe Theatre, and Shakespeare wrote As You Like It, Henry V, Hamlet, and the play you are about to see.  Lit Moon focuses on the personal nature of the story, as a tragedy between friends, and as a play about the catastrophic effects that occur when signs, portents, and intuitions are ignored, misread, or otherwise misinterpreted.