Catalyst is a cultural melting pot that produces a large range of theatrical shows and is committed in didactic projects. Founded in London in 1996 by Riccardo Rombi, actor, director and playwriter, Catalyst is an Italian theatre reality which carries out projects for young generations in particular in Tuscany – Florence, but also throughout the country and abroad with international co-productions.

 “8 shades of Juliet”

The balcony scene. The most world famous love dialog interpreted in the way of Molière, Pinter, Beckett,Pirandello, Feydeau, Goldoni, Woody Allen. Besides Shakespeare, six great theatrical classical play writers plus the American director for a special setup that conducts the spectator in a funny dramaturgical play review. Riccardo Rombi rewrites the dialog of the romantic meeting in order to find out the infinite aspects and shapes of Love.

A true Exercise de Style, not only to tell the same story through more theatrical styles, but also to represent diversity, evolution of thought, different styles, values ... that, however, have all something in common. Goldoni’s misogyny and passionate knights, Pirandello’s madness, Molière’s crusty and farce characters, Pinter’s cruel sagacity, Woody Allen’s intellectuality and Beckett’s minimalist modernism are in the service of the spectator in order to elaborate his own view and feeling of that culminant moment when a man and a woman meet each other.

Music, choreography and actors recreate each time new atmospheres around the great theme of Human Existence and the theatrical painting flows into the infinite shades of Love.