The National Theatre of Bitola

Over twelve thousand performances, from its constitution (as the oldest theatre in Macedonia) till present, have been played on the stage of The National Theatre of Bitola, performed by several different generations of actors and attended by over five million spectators; statistics that make eternal mark on the Macedonian as well as the European cultural scene.

This performance of "Othello" is a completely new and intelligently timed and performed theater story that speaks of those (un) hidden feelings that can crush even the man who consideres himself truly powerful... His paranoia / jealousy ends tragically. Everything starts from "pure banality". It continues as an effective battlefield in which the war, jealousy, faith, etc., are mixed ... They, and other "banal" elements of human life on a global scale, as almost always is a case are opening well - known Pandora's box from which, practically, the evil comes out.