“Romeo and Juliet”

According to William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliett” 

The Chamber Theatre as authors’ setting that creatively performs according to its own theatrical system, alongside with its own dramaturgy concept belonging / attributed to unique identity system, has always presented to the judgement of  audience both classical and world-known works of literature, which though  “chamber“-type  in their solutions are noticeable for “large-scale “ character. 

“Romeo and Juliett”…It seems like everything has been said and told about this story. But the new generation of Chamber Theatre in the face of Lusine Yernjakyan discovered and identified new shades and ideological principles. Strong and unexpected directorial strict-styled solutions, unique design and aesthetics, intrinsic to all periods of human history, but at the same time placed in a completely different space and time. Performance that will keep you in expectation and tension every second:  no matter to what extend you are aware of the plot and development of events.


The story of eternal love, in the interpretation of the Yerevan Chamber Theater.