Movement Theatre

Movement Theatre - miracle place, where the stories told by movement and music and represents the synthesis of drama, pantomime, movement and physical theatre, ballet, martial and circus arts, folklore, contemporary music, Live music, Milonga tango evenings, Jazz evenings, comedian, illusion, extreme shows, open-air and indoor performances.


“The Tempest”

Prospero is the rightful Duke of Milan. However, when Prospero's brother Antonio usurps the throne, Prospero escapes death simply by chance. The duke finds himself on a lone island together with his daughter Miranda. The island is inhabited by the aerial spirit Ariel and the unsightly slave Caliban. Prospero learns sorcery and uses his powers to protect Miranda.One day, King Alonso of Naples' ship is caught in a tempest. The ship is caught under a great wave and destroyed. After the shipwreck, Antonio, Alonso, prince Ferdinand of Naples and Trinculo are washed up on the shores of the island Prospero and Miranda are on.