“Subbota”  Theater 

Bright, explosive and young "Subbota" is one of the rare theaters that was created in the streets. "Subbota" theater appeared in 1969 one of the Saturdays and hence the name. It attracted the attention of the audience at once. The company for the first time in Russian staged happening and documentary performances.  In 1970s the theater was one of the leaders of Studio Movement in USSR and cooperated with A. Volodin, E. Kochergin, K. Ginskas, L. Dodin and O. Volkova. A few well know public figures started their path in this theater, among them are director S. Spivak, composer G. Gladkov, actors K. Khabensky, T. Abramova, A. Yakovleva, A. Nevolina, M. Razumovsky and many more.


"Much Ado About Nothing"

We are used to seeing always winning harmony of life in the works of Shakespeare. We rarely notice the happiness of the heroes of this light and joyful stories are hanging by a thread. The young couples of "Much Ado About Nothing" are one step away from the fatal ending. You can hear the evil and the tragedy are very close. The war has just ended and the women of Italian city Messina, where the play takes place, are waiting for its outcome. Here starts the "funny" comedy of Shakespeare where the real arrows turn into poisonous arrows of Cupid that almost touch upon the main heroes.