Karo Balyan was born in Yerevan on May 23, 1984. Has graduated from the Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography department of acting (N. Tsaturyan’s workshop) in 2004. He has been acting at the Yerevan State Theater after S. Sargsyan “Hamazgayin” from 2002 and was officially included into the crew starting from 2005 to present.

Karo Balyan started his master`s degree in Moscow State Academy of Drama in 2011 and graduated from the department of directing in 2013.

He has been directing plays starting from 2009. Was the founder and director of the “Street Theater” that has performed various plays at different Yerevan parks and festivals.

Karo`s directed W. Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” has been invited to participle at the 43th Wroclaw International festival and was awarded jury’s special prize.  

Now Karo Balyan teaches at Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography.

His theater roles:

As Rozekrants in W. Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, as the Author, Smith, Filch, Charles in B. Brecht’s “3Penny Opera”, as Polybius in F. Dürrenmatt’s “Hercules and the Augean Stables”, as Pirshak Orbok in M. Dyarvash’s “Wake up and sing”, as Andrey Shepuchin in A. Chekhov’s “Jubilee”, as Black man in SH. Delan’s “Honey’s test” and many others.    

Roles in movies:

L. Sargsyan in “Tsahgkapar”, A. Ashimov in “Grigor Narekatsi”, A. Shahbazyan in “Moskvich my love”, S. Hayrapetyan in “Vay mama jan”, E. Arshakyan in “Our Village” and many  others.

Directed plays in theater:

  O. Wilde’s “Canterville ghost”, W. Shakespeare “Juliet” and “Playing Shakespeare?”, K. Balyan “Sokhoma”, A. Vampilov “Metranpazh”, J.D. Salinger “Pretty Mouth and Green my Eyes”, V. Kobyakov “Victims of love”, E. Ionesco “Delirium”, L. Razumovskaya “To home”, H. Teqgyozyan “Chmardik” and many others.


Քիթ-Cut”, “Glamorous shepherds ”, “Plus minus ”.

In 2016 took part in “Adults’ space” International theater festival in Sochi, Russia, where he was awarded with “The Best Directing” award for directing “To Home” of L. Razumovski. 

In 2016 he was awarded “Artravazd” theater prize as “The best young director” for his play “Chmardik” “Theater 8”.

From 2016 is the director general of Yerevan International Shakespeare Theater Festival.